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Circuit Training program I is a 6 week, 3 day per week, full bodCircuit Training Iy circuit training program that is designed for the female weight training athlete that has been weight training for at least 3 months or that has just completed our women’s Shaping & Toning program I.

Our women’s Circuit Training program I is the answer for anyone that hates spending time in the gym and needs to get through their workouts as quickly as possible. The women’s Circuit Training program I can be completed in less than 1 hour and combines the benefits of weight training with the benefits of aerobics by incorporating the dynamics of circuit training.

Circuit training is a fun and highly effective way for you to perform your weight training workouts that will yield results faster than through just standard weight training alone, and that will leave you feeling completely invigorated after each and every workout. Circuit training is weight training in which you progressively move from one exercise to the next for different muscles at a quick pace. For example in your workout, your first exercise may be performing leg extensions, followed by leg curls, followed by calve raises, followed by flat dumbbell flys, etc, etc. In this way you move from one muscle to the next with a minimal amount of rest time between each muscle, by switching from one exercise to the next. The benefits of this are that your workouts will fly by, making them fun, as well as, providing an aerobic benefit which is ideal for burning body fat, training your cardiovascular system, and shaping and toning your muscles.

With’s women’s Circuit Training program I you get all of the benefits of weight training and cardiovascular training combined. And now instead of spending countless hours in the gym weight training and then performing cardiovascular work, you can combine both of them together and reap the rewards even faster. Our women’s Circuit Training program I will produce rapid results in the areas of shaping and toning, body fat reduction, improved cardiovascular output, and increased conditioning and stamina. So if you are looking for a quick fix to get you into shape, then look no further because’s women’s Circuit Training program I is the solution.

Please note that this program contains weight training and abdominal training, but does not have any specific cardiovascular work. The reason for this and as mentioned above is that the weight training in this program is performed at a quicker pace than most weight training programs, and it is this faster pace that is responsible for providing the cardiovascular benefits both to your training and your body. Any additional cardiovascular training may be counterproductive.

Included with the Circuit Training I is:
  • Daily workouts for each day of your training program (each daily workout is different, different exercises, sets and repetitions)
  • A breakdown of the sets and repetitions for each exercise, this ensures you that you perform just the right amount of exercise, not to much or too little, in order to produce results at the most optimal rate
  • The best combinations of exercises for each individual body part, necessary to completely train each muscle fully and produce the shaping and toning effect
  • Proper repetition tempo (speed), so that you get the most out of each exercise
  • Proper rest in between set guidelines, to make sure that you are working at the correct level of intensity
  • Columns for you to record the weights that you have trained with and the amount of repetitions that you have completed
  • Cardiovascular training guidelines including the proper amount of time to train, and recommendations on how to select cardiovascular training equipment
  • A direct e-mail address so that you can ask any, and as many questions that you may have about your training program
  • Guidelines to ensure that you are performing your workout as safe and productively as possible in order to increase your gains in a minimal amount of time


Here’s what those that have already completed the Circuit Training Program I have to say:

Jill Bayourille, Chicago


"I always heard about circuit training but until trying this program I never really understood it. This program is fantastic, I can get both my cardio and weight training done in half the time it used to take me with better results."


Linda Stevens , San Diego

"After getting great results with the Shaping and Toning I program I was excited to start this program. The results speak for themselves as the fat has melted off my hips, thighs, and stomach. Also, I can now walk up the stairs without losing my breath. Thanks Questformuscle!"


Cheryl Washington, Cleveland

"Here is just three words for those women out there looking for an effective and simple workout solution: BUY THIS PROGRAM!"
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