Staff At Work is the vision of four individuals: Alfonso Duran Director of Training, Salvatore Vaglica senior text writer, Joseph Krachenfels sales/customer service representative and assistant text writer, and MK, CFO and Webmaster that strive to provide affordable state of the art personalized weight training and diet programs to the world. offers fully customized personal weight training and diet programs for all levels of athletes, from the beginner to the advanced and elite individual.

All of our programs are designed by the Director of Training, Alfonso Duran, and are the result of over 30 years of practice and statistical records, combined with Mr. Duran’s entire lifetime of experiences both as an athlete, and as a coach, in such areas as bodybuilding, power lifting, Olympic lifting, boxing, cycling, swimming, track and field, and general fitness. All programs are designed, taking into consideration each individuals specific goals, level of development, and work load capacity. The programs are instantly created On-line by you the user, and are immediately available for you to print out and save.

Alfonso Duran, Director of Training

Born and raised in Cuba, Mr. Duran's interest in sports and weight training began when he was ten years old. Trained by some of the world’s most elite strength and conditioning coaches, he has been an avid swimmer, cyclist, runner, bodybuilder and boxer. He has also competed in Olympic weightlifting and Power lifting competitions. Each sport has provided him with the extensive knowledge about the different aspects of weight training that have made him into one of the most sought after personal trainers in the world today.

Shortly after his arrival to the U.S. in 1980, Mr. Duran became the manager of Unlimited Fitness Center in West New York, New Jersey. He specialized in training power-lifters and bodybuilders both competitive and non-competitive, but also continued to expand his training knowledge while working with all types of weight training athletes. Due to the rapid and dramatic results that he achieved while training these athletes, there soon became a tremendous demand for his services. Unable to continue to provide services for such a large volume of clients, Mr. Duran developed his own training system called, Muscle Master and Power Master, which over the years have evolved into what is now known as Variable Dynamic Overload/Multiple Micro-Periodization in Stages.

Variable Dynamic Overload/Multiple Micro-Periodization in Stages is a training system based upon the principals of periodization, which is when for example an athlete breaks their training down over the course of a one year period of time into different training cycles, typically 6-8 weeks in duration. For each of these 6-8 week training cycles the athlete selects and specializes in a different target areas of training. For example the first 6-8 week training cycle is devoted to the production of power where the main emphasis of that athletes training is in developing maximum rate of force development/power. Then after this the athlete starts another 6-8 week cycle of training for mass/muscle size gain. The following 6-8 week cycle could be for endurance, or speed. The object is that for a short duration of time, typically 6-8 weeks that the athlete focuses on the production of one key area in their training and then switches to a different one. There are many benefits of this: 1) You prevent boredom 2) Your prevent your body from adapting to the training, which can result in diminished gains and or a sticking point in your training. This is what is defined as the Multiple Micro-Periodization aspect of this system. Multiple applies to the multiple/many different target areas of training (power, size, conditioning, endurance, stamina, definition, speed, etc). Micro applies to the micro cycles of training, the 6-8 week periods of specializing or targeting one of those many different areas. And periodization applies to the overall or long term training period, in this example one year. The Variable dynamic overload aspect of this system is in that in your 6-8 week training cycle, you constantly vary your training loads, be it the weights, number of sets or repetitions for your exercises, while adhering to a progressive/dynamic system. You must constantly stress your muscles in this manner in order to continue to make progress. By combining these many different aspects of training into your personalized training program you can continuously make gains and avoid the sticking points and lack of progress in your weight training that plague so many people.

For many all of this may sound a bit overwhelming at first but over time the lingo, and terminology associated with training will become second nature. Mr. Duran designed this system for one reason, results. Results in your training are what will keep you training workout after workout, year after year. As well, all of the programs offered by employ these principals and that is why you have the option of choosing from many different programs. As well, each program explains in detail the level of training that is necessary for that program, as well as, the benefits/areas of concentration/specialization of that program.

In closing, Mr. Duran guarantees that the high quality weight training that he offers his personal clients is now available to everyone. His clients believe in the results that they see and you will too.

Joseph Krachenfels, Sales/customer service representative and assistant text writer

Joseph Krachenfels is the sales/customer service representative and assistant text writer for Joe earned his Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury in May of 2003.

Joe is also a former body builder that was previously trained by Alfonso Duran. Joe met Mr. Duran over 10 years ago through a mutual friend at a body building contest at John Dewey High School in Brooklyn, New York. Shortly after their meeting Joe began training using the same body building programs that are now available through At first Joe trained using these same programs which were then only available via Mr. Duran’s personal training mail order business. Quickly impressed by the rapid results from these programs, Joe started commuting from Brooklyn to West New York, New Jersey to be personally trained by Mr. Duran. Under the watchful eye and tutelage of his training mentor, Joe continued to make rapid gains in his training.

After a few years of heavy power/body building style training, Joe’s favorite program was the Power and Mass program, Joe’s body weight and muscular size skyrocketed from a mere 185 pounds to a whopping 242 pounds. This is impressive when you consider that Joe is an ectomorph and stands 6 feet 3 inches tall. In addition to his muscle mass gains were also his strength gains, benching over 300 pounds and squatting and dead lifting over 400 pounds, also no small feet when you consider that at 16 Joe could barley bench press 100 pounds on a universal machine. While Joe was ecstatic with his progress his gains were nothing short of typical for the clients trained by Alfonso Duran. Believe it or not he was still one of the smaller guy’s at Al’s gym. As Joe would often say “Alfonso is the best personal trainer that I have ever met in my life, and I can still hear him saying Joey, results, it’s all about the results and helping people achieve their goals”.

Salvatore Vaglica ,senior text writer

Salvatore Vaglica is the senior text writer for Sal earned his Bachelor’s degree in English from SUNY Stony brook, Long Island in May of 2003, and is currently applying to begin working on his Masters degree in journalism.


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