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Ultimate Abs
The Ultimate Abs Workout program is the pinnacle in abdominal training programs. The Ultimate Abs Workout program is a super intense abdominal training program that will get your abdominal muscles into the best shape ever in only 6 weeks. The Ultimate Abs Workout program is designed for both men and women.
Ultimate Abs

The program works by employing the use of a variety of training techniques, such as constant tension, super setting, a specific repetition tempo/speed, special breathing techniques, proper exercise selection, and the gradual build up of intensity over the course of your training program. It is the combination of all of these training techniques working together that will make your abdominal workouts both ultra intense and highly productive. With the Ultimate Abs Workout program you will begin to see results in your abdominals from the first week of training with this program.

What is Constant tension?

Constant tension is a very advanced training technique that will enable you to train your abdominal muscles in less time and to produce greater results than with any other abdominal training program.

How much time are we talking about?

6-10 minutes per abdominal workout. That’s right; in only 6-10 minutes per abdominal workout you will develop your abs faster and with more definition than with any other abdominal training program period.

So how does constant tension work?

Unlike traditional abdominal training programs that supply you with an arbitrary number of sets and repetitions to perform each workout, Constant Tension works by focusing on the time duration that you will be training. In your workout program you will be given a specific amount of time to perform your abdominal training in (6-10 minutes depending on the training day), the trick is in that for this period of time that you will keep constant tension on your abdominal muscles. In this way you will spend substantially less time training your abdominal muscles; however your workouts will be much more intense and productive. And to make your training program even more effective, the Ultimate Abs Workout program combines the training technique of constant tension with super setting.

What is Super setting?

Super setting is also a very advanced training technique. Super setting incorporates the use of 2 different exercises performed one right after the other with no rest in order to work the specifically targeted muscle (in this case your abs) at a faster pace and at a higher level of intensity. When constant tension is combined with super setting the results are nothing short of incredible.

What is Specific repetition tempo/speed?

A specific repetition tempo/speed is also incorporated into this program in order for you to get the most out of each of the exercises in your program. Remember, anyone can lie down and rock back and forth repeatedly performing repetition after repetition which in most cases will do very little in the way of development of your abdominal muscles. However, by performing your repetitions at the proper tempo/speed you will perform less total number of repetitions but you will work your abdominal muscles more fully and deliberately, resulting in faster and more dramatic results.

What are Breathing techniques?

There is also a proper way in which you should breathe when performing your abdominal training that will help you develop your abdominal muscles at an even faster rate, and this special breathing technique is also included within your training program.

The Importance of Proper exercise selection

The Ultimate Abs Workout program incorporates the use of the best abdominal exercises proven to completely work your abdominal muscles. Special attention is placed on both the lower and upper abdominal muscles, as well as, the obloquies.

The gradual build up of intensity over the course of your training program

Each week of your program you will be provided with new and increasingly more challenging exercises to perform, as well as, a variation in the time duration of your training program. By changing the exercises in your program each week, and in making theses exercises more challenging, and in varying the time duration of your training program, you will gradually increase the intensity of your abdominal training over the course of your program, as well as, prevent boredom and burn out from repeating the same exercises, in the same sequence, for the same amount of time, over and over again.

So stop spending countless hours in the gym training your abdominal muscles with exercise after exercise only to see minimal results, when in is little as 6-10 minutes per workout you can develop the six pack of abs that you have always dreamed about.

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Included with the Ultimate Abs Workout Program is:
  • Weekly charts containing the exercises and time duration of your training program. Each weekly chart is different, containing different exercises and different time duration guidelines
  • Photos demonstrating how to properly perform every exercise in the program
  • The best abdominal training exercises guaranteed to get your abdominals into top shape fast
  • Guidelines on how many days per week to perform your abdominal training program
  • Guidelines on when is the best time to perform your abdominal training program
  • Proper breathing guidelines to ensure that you get the most out of each of the exercises in your training program
  • Proper repetition tempo/speed guidelines
  • Constant tension and super setting guidelines
  • A direct e-mail address so that you can ask any, and as many questions as you may have about your training program


Here’s what those that have already completed the Ultimate Abs Workout Program have to say:

T. Simms, NY


"This is the best abs program i've used ever. I tried the shortcuts like belts that shock my abs, and the ab rollers, and nothings worked like this. In just a few minutes a day, I use the constant tension techniques your provide, and my abs get an awesome workout. This program is soooo efficient. My six pack is on the way."

Jill Downing. Sacremento, CA

"The program is great. The exercises are easy to perform, but really work my abs. I love the pictures to, they are so convenient. And with my busy schedule, I only need to spend less then 10 minutes a day on my abs to keep them looking great. Thanks Questformuscle!"


James Malvo, Orange County, CA

"The bottom line is I have been working my abs for years, and I never been able to get the burn that your program provides. Ultimate abs requires work, but the rewards are worth it. I only wish I found it year's ago. I get a better abs workout in 1/3 the time of my old program."

If you really want good abs, it will require work. But if you perform the wrong ab exercises or routines, you can work day and night and the results will be minimal. Ultimate Abs provides you with the most efficient ab workout on the market, guaranteeing results. We give you the blueprint to build the abs you want!


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