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Program Focus: Rapid development of massive chest muscles

Program Duration: 8 weeks



Chest Workout - MassHave you always dreamed of building a HUGE and MASSIVE CHEST, like ARNOLD’S? Well stop dreaming about it, and start building one today, with QUESTFORMUSCLE.COM’s Bench Press Specialization for Mass chest workout program.

This ultra intense 8-week program will develop maximum size in your chest, shoulders, and triceps, by placing a special emphasis on the bench press exercise. This is the ideal program for the bodybuilder that demands additional size in his chest, shoulders and triceps, as well as, for power lifters and athletes that want to add extra mass to there upper bodies in order to handle heavier weights when training. It is not necessary for you to have completed any other of QUESTFORMUSCLE.COM’s training programs in order to perform this chest workout program. However, we recommend that the weight training athlete have a minimum bench press strength of 225 lbs for 1 repetition, regardless of their bodyweight. The Bench Press Specialization for Mass program can either be substituted for your current bench press training regimen or followed as is, with the full body training program provided.

The Bench Press Specialization for Mass training program was designed by QUESTFORMUSCLE.COM’s Director of Training Alfonso Duran in response to the overwhelming demand of countless athletes that had reached a sticking point in there training, and were unable to make there chests grow to the level of development that they had dreamed of. After countless research over many years with hundreds of athletes Mr. Duran developed and perfected his very own training protocol to be implemented exclusively on the bench press exercise.

So how does this training protocol work?

This training protocol works by applying heavier and heavier work loads to the bench press in a progressively ascending and controlled manner based upon your workload capacity and strength levels. In addition, your chest will be forced to grow due to the demand placed on it by the systematically controlled rest periods between work sets on the bench press. By increasing the work loads and controlling the rest periods between sets in this fashion, the intensity of your chest workout is raised through the roof, and it is this intensity that is responsible for producing the overwhelming response of muscular growth in your chest.

Our Guarantee guarantees that if you perform all of the workouts following the guidelines that are included with your program that your chest will grow bigger and faster than ever before. How can we make such a guarantee? Because this training program works and has worked for weight training athletes such as yourself for over the last 20 years. So don’t delay the road to a bigger chest is closer than you think.

A word of caution

Please be advised that QUESTFORMUSCLE.COM’s Bench Press Specialization for Mass program is one of our most intense and physically demanding training programs, and because of this it is also one of our most productive. From the very first workout you will notice your chest growing and you will add INCHES, yes INCHES to your chest in only 8 weeks. And if that isn’t enough as a side effect your strength will also reach levels that you never before thought would be possible.

For the most optimum results

For the most optimum results we recommend that you first train with the Bench Press Specialization for Mass Program and then follow this up with the Bench Press Specialization for Power program. Alternating your training in this fashion will allow you to continuously make dramatic gains in the areas of muscle mass size, power and strength. As well, by alternating training programs you will prevent boredom and add variety to your training.

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Included with your Program is:
  • A chart with individual columns containing your warm up and work set weights for the bench press, and spaces for you to record the number of repetitions that you perform on each work set so as to keep track of and chart your progress
  • Specific rest between the set guidelines to get the most out of your bench press workout and ensure growth at the fastest possible rate
  • A full body workout program to be used in conjunction with your bench press specialization program
  • A secret for performing the warm-ups that will raise your strength from the very first workout
  • Guidelines for how to make the proper weight selection for each exercise
  • Nutritional guidelines, the best choices of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, so that your body is properly fueled with all of the nutrients in order for you to get the most out of your workouts, and grow
  • Supplementation guidelines, what supplements to take, and how to take them in the most effective way to both aid recuperation, and enhance muscular growth and make strength increases
  • A direct e-mail address so that you can ask any, and as many questions that you may have about your training program
  • A motivational statement to inspire you in your training


Here’s what those that have already completed the Bench Press Specialization For Mass Program have to say:

Jason Vargess, Michigan



“I can’t believe my eyes, in only 8 weeks I’ve gained more size in my chest than in the last 6 months, and it’s all because of the Bench Press Specialization for Mass program.”


Jonathan Sikes, Nevada

“No matter how hard I worked out or what special workout routine I would try, I just could never seem to get my chest to grow. Well that was until I tried the Bench Press Specialization for Mass program by QUESTFORMUSCLE. In only 8 weeks I have put over two inches on my chest and my bench has gone from 225 for 1 struggling rep to 225 for 4 solid reps, thanks QUESTFORMUSCLE.”


Pete Dunason, Great Neck, NY

“I have always been the type of person that was skeptical about purchasing things on-line, especially a training program that promises to deliver in only a few short weeks what usually takes months or even years to accomplish. Well you made a believer out of me. This program is it; I’ve found the holy grail of benching for size.”


Vincent Spano, Brooklyn, NY

“For years I have been bench pressing with little result. Sure my strength would go up but no matter what I tried, different grips, varying my hand placement, playing with the repetition speed, my chest just wouldn’t grow. I had all but given up on benching to build a big chest like the body builders I had idolized for so long until I found your website on-line. So I started reading about all of the different programs that were offered and I stopped on the Bench Press Specialization for Mass program. I figured for only $10.00 what could I lose. Lose, try Gained, my chest mushroomed from the very first workout and it is still growing. I can’t believe that it was this easy to make my chest grow. Thank you QUESTFORMUSCLE.”


Eugene Rubenstein, Forest Hills, NY

“I just finished my sixth week of training with the Bench Press Specialization for Mass program and I just couldn’t wait to let you know how much I love this program. Finally a program that really does what it says it will do. My chest has grown, my strength has gone up, and I feel like a million bucks. I can’t wait to finish this program and then start on the Bench Press Specialization for Power program. I’ll keep you posted, thanks.”


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