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The Elite Training for Mass program is the “granddaddy” of all the mass training programs. The Elite Training for Mass program is an advanced weight training program that is recommended for the weight training athlete that has either completed the General Conditioning, Variable Frequency, Body building, Power and Mass, and Pure Mass programs in succession, or that has been training consistently for the last 3 to 5 years. Regardless of which criteria you meet, you will also need to have a minimum starting strength of 225 pounds on each of the following three lifts, the bench press, squat, and dead lift. If you do not perform one of these three lifts, you can still purchase this program, just enter zero for that lift on the create my workout page, and the proper correction will be made to your customized program.

What makes the Elite Training for Mass program the “granddaddy” of all the mass training programs?

The Elite Training for Mass program is the “granddaddy” of all the mass training programs, because it is designed to build mounds and mounds of quality muscle mass to your body at the fastest rate possible. But the Elite Training for Mass program doesn’t just stop there; this program will also allow you to achieve exceptional gains in strength and power on all of your major exercises in as little as 6 weeks.

How can the Elite Training for Mass program do this?

The Elite Training for Mass program does this by placing a special emphasis on the major muscle groups of your body, the chest, back, and legs. Special emphasis is placed on these muscle groups by targeting the key muscle building exercises for each of these muscles. The bench press is employed for your chest, squats for your legs, and dead lifts for your back. However, the Elite Training for Mass program will still produce extraordinary results even if you chose not to perform one of these three exercises.

But what makes this program different from Questformuscle’s other training programs?

What makes this program different from all of our other programs is the system that is applied to the bench press, squat, and dead lift. While our other programs utilize a system of varying cycles of percentages that calculate the specific loads that you will use to train the bench press, squat, and deadlift, for each of your workouts; the Elite Training for Mass program has it’s own unique system that not only calculates the loads that you will train these exercises with for each of your workouts, but it incorporates another component to the training of these exercises, called interval training.

What is interval training?

Interval training is a very advanced training technique that when properly applied to your training will yield results that would normally take 4 to 5 times as long to achieve. The reason that interval training is so productive is because it is very precise and extremely intense.

How does interval training work?

Interval training works by establishing specific parameters for the rest periods between sets for the bench press, squat, and dead lift. Depending on how short or how long you rest between your sets for these exercises will determine the intensity level of your workouts. The more intense your workout is the greater the gains you will make in muscle mass. However, you must be careful that the training does not become so intense that you either over train, which will diminish your gains, or injure yourself.

What is the right way to incorporate interval training into your workouts?

While there have been many studies and much debate over how to properly incorporate interval training into your workouts, Questformuscle’s Director of Training Alfonso Duran decided years ago to do his own research and experimentation on interval training. What resulted was the formation of Mr. Duran’s own system of interval training.

Mr. Duran developed his own system of interval training that has been used time and time again to produce tremendous results for his athletes in the area of muscle mass gains in the shortest time frame possible. Now you to can put this system into use in your own training, with the Elite Training for Mass program.


Included with the Elite Training - Mass Program is:
  • Daily workouts for each day of your training program (each daily workout is different, different exercises, sets, and reps, because maximum variety builds maximum mass)
  • Breakdown of sets and reps for each exercise, this ensures you that you perform just the right amount of exercise, not to much or too little, in order to trigger growth at the most optimal rate
  • The best combinations of exercises for each individual body part, necessary to completely train each muscle fully
  • Proper repetition tempo (speed)
  • Proper rest in between set guidelines, to make sure that you are working at the correct level of intensity
  • A secret for performing the warm-ups that will raise your strength from the very first workout
  • Guidelines for how to make the proper weight selection for each exercise
  • Nutritional guidelines, the best choices of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, so that your body is properly fueled with all of the nutrients in order for you to get the most out of your workouts, and grow
  • Supplementation guidelines, what supplements to take, and how to take them in the most effective way to both aid recuperation, and enhance muscular growth and make strength increases
  • A direct e-mail address so that you can ask any, and as many questions that you may have about your training program
  • A motivational statement to guide you on the road to a healthier you


Here’s what those that have already completed the Elite Training - Mass Program have to say:

E. Penzil, Istanbul, Turkey



"I gained 15 pounds of muscle in 7 weeks with the Elite Training for Mass program. My chest, back, and legs have completely blown up. I went clothes shopping the other day, and my shirt size went from a large to a double XL, and now I have to buy baggy fit pants because my quads are so big. I just finished the program, and on Monday I am going to start it all over again with my new maxes, thanks Questformuscle.com."


Brian Desmond, Wyoming

"I had heard about interval training in college when I was on the track team, my coach would use it to help us develop more speed, I had no idea that it was also a weight lifting technique. Well, it is definitely one hell of a weight lifting technique. My bench press, squat and deadlift have all went up in poundage which is always a plus, but my muscle size. I can’t believe my eyes. I have gained 4 inches across my chest and back, and almost 2 full inches on each thigh, this program is incredible. I am looking forward to trying the Elite Training for Power next, I will let you know what happens after that one, oh yeah, and thanks, I couldn’t have done it without your help."


George Walkings, North Dakota

"I always see this really humongous guy working out in my gym. He is also very very strong. I watched one workout as he benched 405 for 6 reps, and another time I saw him squat 585 for one. Whenever he would finish an exercise I would always see him walk over to his gym bag and pull out a piece of paper and start writing, I figured that he was recording what he had done. One day I happened to glance in his bag and see the name Questformuscle.com Elite Training for Mass on a sheet of paper, so when I got home from the gym I decide to go on-line and check it out. Well now its 6 weeks and one Elite Training for Mass program later and now I am on the road to being humongous."


Roberto Gomez, Palm Beach, Florida

"I loved going to the gym for each of my workouts with this program, because I knew that I was going to grow, and grow I did. After 6 weeks of the Elite Training for Mass program, I gained 14 pounds, and reduced my body fat by 3%. My bench also went up 20 pounds, my squat 35 pounds, and my deadlift 50 pounds. Thanks Questformuscle."

The Elite Training for Mass program, and you, the perfect combination, get large today.
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