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The Power and Mass program will turn a twig into a bull. If you have tried all of the other so called “mass building” programs, and “weight gaining” supplements and “get big” diets only to still look the same, then it is time for what really works, and Questformuscle’s Power and Mass program delivers.

The Power and Mass program is geared toward the classic “Hard gainer”, the individual who is desperately trying to gain muscular size and strength, but despite his best efforts just can't seem to grow. The hard gainer is generally characterized as having long thin muscles, with long arms and legs, and very little body fat. The hard gainer typically trains hard and eats like a horse, however, he just can’t seem to make the gains in muscular size and strength that he is looking for.

The hard gainer needs to understand the dynamics involved in muscle growth. Training, nutrition, and recuperation all play a vital role. Training stimulates your muscles to grow, nutrition provides the necessary fuel for your workouts and building blocks for your growth, and adequate rest and recuperation are necessary for your muscles to repair themselves and grow. All three of these components must be optimized in order for you to grow. The problem is that most people are lacking one or more of the necessary components, or they don't know how to properly balance all three. .

So, what’s a hard gainer to do?

Find the proper training program, nutritional and supplementation requirements, and recuperation schedule that will bring about that surge of muscular growth that they are looking for. Well, look no further, because you have finally found it.

The Power and Mass program provides you with the proper balance of training, nutritional and supplementation guidelines, and recuperation schedule that is necessary to make even the most stubborn hard gainer transform himself from the classic 98 pound weakling into an Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How can the Power and Mass program do this?

The Power and Mass program provides you with a body part training split that allows for maximum recuperation by training each of the major muscle groups, chest, back, and legs, once per week directly and once per week indirectly, while simultaneously allowing you to train body parts in the most effective combination to induce muscular growth and enhance recuperation. The Power and Mass program also focuses attention on the key muscle building exercises that are necessary in order for you to stimulate muscle growth at the fastest rate possible.


Included with the Power and Mass Program is:
  • Daily workouts for each day of your training program (each daily workout is different, different exercises, sets and reps, because maximum variety builds maximum mass)
  • Warm-up and work set weights for the key muscle building exercises (bench press, military press, squats, and dead lifts)) (Please note that if you do not perform one or more of the previous exercises, just simply enter zero for that lift on the create my workout page, and the proper correction will be made to your customized program)
  • Breakdown of sets and reps for each exercise, this ensures you that you perform just the right amount of exercise, not to much or too little, in order to trigger growth at the most optimal rate
  • The best combinations of exercises for each individual body part, necessary to completely train each muscle fully
  • Proper repetition tempo (speed), when working to build power and mass, there is a secret for performing the repetitions in the most effective manner
  • Proper rest in between set guidelines, to make sure that you are working at the correct level of intensity
  • A secret for performing the warm-ups that will raise your strength from the very first workout
  • Guidelines for how to make the proper weight selection for each exercise
  • Nutritional guidelines, the best choices of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, so that your body is properly fueled with all of the nutrients in order for you to get the most out of your workouts, and grow
  • Supplementation guidelines, what supplements to take, and how to take them in the most effective way to both aid recuperation, and enhance muscular growth and make strength increases
  • A direct e-mail address so that you can ask any, and as many questions that you may have about your training program


Here’s what those that have already completed the Power and Mass Program have to say:

Jason Flemming, TX


"My bench press went from 225 pounds for 3 reps to 255 pounds for 11 reps after only 8 weeks of the Power and Mass program."

Russell Tannis, FL

"After years of trying different workout programs, weight gain drinks, and just about every supplement out on the market, I was just about to give up when a friend of mine told me about the Power and Mass program from Questformuscle.com. This program is nothing short of incredible. After completing the Power and Mass program for the second time, I have gained 22 pounds; my bench has gone up 45 pounds, my squat 70 pounds and my deadlift 65 pounds. You have to try this program."


Ian Blanch, NY

"I gained 16 pounds of muscle in 7 weeks, using the Power and Mass program."


Peter Connelly, Honolulu, Hawaii

"I tried all of the popular programs, “Bulgarian strength training”, “Super Squats”, and even the “Mike Mentzer one set to failure program”, and I tell you none of them worked like the Power and Mass program. I felt like I was growing after each and every workout, and my friends have noticed it to, my new nickname at the gym is Dorian Jr."


Doug Tator, Long Island, NY


"Quest for muscle workout programs, plain and simple, are the best workout programs I have ever had the pleasure and pain of experiencing. My name is Doug Tator. I'm a certified fitness trainer, martial artist, bodybuilder, boxer, and hand to hand combat expert. Over the years I have experimented with just about every conceivable training protocol, and let me tell you that I was just blown away when I began my first program (Power and Mass program) from questformuscle.com. Starting this program I weighed 190lbs with 6% body fat, and my major lifts were as follows: Bench 225lbs for 6 reps, Squat 225lbs for 8 reps, Deadlift 225lbs for 8 reps. After just 6 weeks of the Power and Mass program, I gained 10lbs of rock hard muscle while maintaining 7% body fat. My lifts rocketed to 280lbs for 8 reps for my deadlift, I Squatted 315lbs for 4 "full" reps, (no cheat reps here), and my bench went to 245lbs for 7 reps. Keep in mind I would have surely had a greater increase in my bench, but I regularly train for my fighting competitions as well, which lays a tremendous toll on my front deltoids. I am starting my new program this week and believe me I can't wait to hit the gym with my new arsenal of exercises. You follow the programs you will grow no doubt about it."


So there you have it, a program that works, and all that you need to do is put forth the energy, and the results can be yours.

The Power and Mass program is recommended for the athlete that has either been training consistently for 18 months, or that has completed the General conditioning, Variable Frequency, and Bodybuilding programs in succession.

The Power and Mass program has proved most beneficial for the hard gainer, off season bodybuilder or athlete that is trying to add extra mass or for power lifters.


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